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Is your credit not where you want it to stand? YEG Auto Credit is a trusted credit repair company near Edmonton, Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, and Calgary. Our experts will assist you through the financing process, as well as help you understand your credit score. Jump into your dream car today with the guidance of YEG Auto Credit.

What Makes a Good Credit Repair Company

There is a plethora of credit repair companies to choose from, but it’s important to know which ones are trustworthy and reputable. A great company is dedicated to helping you rebuild your credit fairly through accuracy and proof.

Reputable companies will ask you for details behind your current credit status; this is especially the case when something is contested on your credit report.

A good credit repair company also has you understand your rights when it comes to credit repair. They will go into depth about your rights, and they will give you an opportunity to ask any questions about them.

It is also important that a company explains how they can present your case to credit bureaus. If they cannot work with your case, then they will provide detailed reasons.

You should never walk away confused from a credit repair company. Everything has to be explained, and questions should always be welcomed. If you feel that you can repair your credit without the assistance of a company, then great companies who follow ethical guidelines will allow you to do so.

What You Should Look Out For

If you ever have an agency tell you that your credit can jump 100 points immediately, then it is likely a lie. No credit repair service should make a promise of what your credit score will be.

You should never pay for credit repair before the service is accomplished; the Federal Trade Commission does not allow upfront charges nor overnight newly created credit files. You may need to exhibit some patience in the process, if you are working with a fair and reputable credit repair company. Typically, credit bureaus are required to respond in 30 to sometimes 45 days, but nothing over that time period.

It is not productive to ask your credit repair company about the outcomes of your credit report because every credit report is unique with its own situations. However, you can ask what clients have previously experienced with the company to give you an idea.

YEG Auto Credit

Waiting to get into a new car? YEG Auto Credit fairly represents drivers. Come to our credit repair company near Edmonton, Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, and Calgary today. If you have any questions before coming to see us, then reach out to our contact page.

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